Who is j. gallery?

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J. Gallery is the realization of a 30+ year dream. From the moment I enrolled in an art appreciation course in college I was hooked on art, as an observer, an appreciator, a marketer, and a patron.

Working for various galleries through the years, mainly in San Francisco, all the while maintaining a dream of one day owning my own, I recently retired from my ‘other’ career as the Director of Sales for a private reading school. It was then I had to ask myself “if not now, when?”

J. Gallery opened its doors in February 2019. Featuring an eclectic mix of original works in a variety of mediums by mostly contemporary artists, there is truly something here for everyone.

I believe art feeds our souls and enriches our lives. I hope as you peruse the website you will find this to be true for you as well. Explore, linger, contemplate, consider, inquire, but most importantly, enjoy!

Judy Reilly, Owner