Gary Janis


About the artist

Born in 1953 in Los Angeles, California, Gary Janis is an artist whose paintings have a syncopated geometry that appear to combine elements of jazz, Stuart Davis, and California architecture of the 1950s. “It all goes into the aesthetic mix, whether I’m looking at paintings by Kasemir Malevich or listening to Chet Baker on trumpet,” he says from his studio in the Mission Bay district.

While there is a retro aspect to the work, the painting references are hard to place in time, like jazz that starts with a half-familiar tune that is broken apart and rearranged until it becomes a strange new thing.  As the San Francisco Chronicle wrote of Janis’s work, “These are pictures conceived without a symbology, without interpretation, they come from one moment, desire, and physical reaction of the artist.”

Over the decades, Janis’s work has been shown at many San Francisco art galleries including the Pentimento Gallery, Walton Gilbert Gallery, Convergence Gallery, Art Exchange Gallery, and Gallery at the Geary Theater, as well as Videra Fine Arts gallery in Berkeley. His many trips to Asia also led to shows in Osaka, Japan and South Korea. He currently shows at the Sloan Miyasato Gallery in San Francisco and the Dezart Gallery in Palm Springs. Janis’s work hangs in collections around the world.

When he’s not painting, Janis runs SF Art Framing Service, which handles the framing needs of top museums, galleries and collectors in the Bay Area.